Yummy`s August 2018 Veggie Corner

Natural, fresh, unique juices and blends, can be served as fabulous party fare. Serve a gorgeous purple cocktail blended with refreshing coconut water, grapes, blueberries, and freshly squeezed lemon juice, over crushed ice. It’s a classic summer cooler!

@earthacooks.com making refreshing blueberry lemonade.jpg

Making “real food juices” can be a refreshing ritual. By juicing, or blending a variety of fruits and vegetables into enticing combinations, the recipe will make your healthy diet a pleasure. Take the taste of a mojito for example. If you enjoy the flavours of a mojito, sample it alcohol free by juicing together: 1 large seedless cucumber; 2 ½ cups seedless green grapes; ¼ cup packed fresh mint and 1 lime, peeled. This juice mimics the mint and lime flavours of a traditional mojito, and also tastes delicious served over crushed ice. For the cocktail enthusiast, use this delicious juice as a mixer.

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